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Staff Picks

It was my turn to put together a staff picks display for my library. I have to say that it was much harder than I anticipated. It was hard in a good way–it made me think. When you put a … Continue reading

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Digitizing Our Treasures

Many in the library world will by now have read The Aspen Institute’s Report, Rising to the Challenge: Re-envisioning Public Libraries, and if you haven’t, you should. ┬áIt is thoughtfully prepared and presented, and it makes an important point about … Continue reading

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What management doesn’t get about Youth Services

Cutting edge libraries these days are changing up the way they do things. Management teams look at the traditional ways that libraries are set up, with an Adult Services Department and a Youth Services Department and a Technical Services Department … Continue reading

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There are people I have worked with over the years who seemed to me to be the definition of hospitable. They will bake dozens of batches of Christmas cookies to give away. They will organize a potluck and make sure … Continue reading

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Mission first

To me, the best thing about working in a public library is that the work matters. It changes lives. It sparks interests that will lead both children and adults in new and wonderful directions. It makes it possible for people … Continue reading

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Not an expert in library marketing but…

I am a children’s librarian and a library administrator, not a library marketing expert. Yet even I can tell you that: On March 30, after a long and brutal winter, on a day in which my neighbor said that if … Continue reading

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What I Have Learned in Dog Training

Maybe everybody does this. I am always trying to relate something I learn from one area in my life to the other areas of my life. The thing I’ve been doing lately that has been one big learning experience is … Continue reading

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