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What management doesn’t get about Youth Services

Cutting edge libraries these days are changing up the way they do things. Management teams look at the traditional ways that libraries are set up, with an Adult Services Department and a Youth Services Department and a Technical Services Department … Continue reading

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Mission first

To me, the best thing about working in a public library is that the work matters. It changes lives. It sparks interests that will lead both children and adults in new and wonderful directions. It makes it possible for people … Continue reading

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Not an expert in library marketing but…

I am a children’s librarian and a library administrator, not a library marketing expert. Yet even I can tell you that: On March 30, after a long and brutal winter, on a day in which my neighbor said that if … Continue reading

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Youth Services Showing the Way

At my library, and perhaps yours too, we are looking at our services and our staff and trying to figure out what changes we should make to adapt to the changing roles of libraries. It will not surprise anyone that … Continue reading

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Getting finished and getting started

Like the library where I work, I am at an odd transitional time. The library is three-fourths done with a complete renovation. We’ll be opening a new teen center (Teen Underground–it’s on the lower level) next month. Middle Ground for … Continue reading

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Communication is hard

I have known how to talk for awhile. I learned my ABCs a long time ago, and learned to write fairly soon after that. I have degrees in Journalism and English and a Masters in Library Science. I write book … Continue reading

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Construction of one kind and another

One of the hardest things about being an Assistant Director is that 90% of the great blog fodder that comes up is stuff I can’t discuss in my blog. Management involves people most of the time, and you can’t just … Continue reading

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