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Digitizing Our Treasures

Many in the library world will by now have read The Aspen Institute’s Report, Rising to the Challenge: Re-envisioning Public Libraries, and if you haven’t, you should. ┬áIt is thoughtfully prepared and presented, and it makes an important point about … Continue reading

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Not-Disappearing Print

I want to pass along a couple of interesting pieces that both relate to whether print books will continue to be needed and loved. While I like ebooks and was pleasantly surprised when I had one to review that I … Continue reading

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James Gordon Dove, or, Why Writing Matters

I finally had the chance over the long Thanksgiving weekend to look at a stack of old photographs. It left me curiously disoriented, because they went through such a wide range of times and places and moments in my life. … Continue reading

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New Pew Report: Families Use Libraries

Children’s librarians will find the new Pew Report Parents, Children, Libraries, and Reading very reassuring. As we have long suspected, the children’s department brings families into the library, and while they’re there, the adults use the libraries for themselves as … Continue reading

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New Kinds of Learning at the Library

Lately, like many people working in public libraries, I’ve been thinking about makerspaces–creating room in your library where people can make things, build things, DO things. I went to a great program on the topic that talked about using 3-D … Continue reading

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Big Kids, Battles, and Vets @ my library

At my library, I get to do storytime with the big kids. “Big kids” in that sentence means four and up, and that might not sound that big to you, but that is because you are a grown-up. When you … Continue reading

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Vacation reading

One of the ways you can tell for sure that I’m a librarian is that when I go on vacation, one of the high points of the trip for me is unpacking my bag (or two) of books. This year, … Continue reading

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