Read or Be Written

bookmarksYes, it is time for the annual Bookmark Contest Slogan post, to celebrate National Library Week! Yay! Yay!

These were all written by my library’s grade school kids, submitted along with artwork for a bookmark. My favorite slogan is probably the one in the title, which I love for its slightly ominous feel: Read or Be Written. Oooh.

Some other inventive slogans included:

The Lyrical
Let us read like a rainbow shines
Fly into stories
Sometimes the smallest book takes up the most room in your heart
Reading is dreaming with open eyes
Books shower with knowledge

The Instructive
Leave time to read!
Read! You don’t know where it will take you!
Read cuz you can. (Depicted with a person saying, “Well, duh!”)

The Mysterious
You don’t have to believe to have your wildest dream–just read!
God is the Book. Read Me. (Shown with a book floating over a cloud)

The Food-Oriented
Reading is sweet, just like ice cream
If u love donuts, u should love books

The Minecraft-Oriented
Minecraft Books
Read to Mine (which would have been completely ambiguous without the picture of the Minecraft block on the bookmark)

and The Downright Enthusiastic
Reading is my middle name
Yay! Yay! Reading is fun! Yay! Yay!

Don’t you feel like reading something now? I do!

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