Library in the Dark

A fierce thunderstorm took the power out at my library last night around 6:15. We can’t stay open in a power failure for an extended period because the convenient bathroom sensors for the toilets and sinks are not very convenient when the electricity goes out. But we do stay open for a couple of hours in the hopes that the power will return during that time (which it often does). Here are some things you could have spotted during the two hours last night:

  • The Niles Sister Cities group amiably continuing their meeting in the very dim program room
  • The valiant Summer Reading Club volunteers carrying on with giving kids their turns on our Summer Reading game
  • A patron holding a flashlight over a piece of paper so the calm Circulation Clerk could write down the numbers of the books she was checking out
  • A group of mostly older ladies sitting in the snack room by a window, fire alarm panel beeping nonstop in the background, vigorously discussing Sister by Rosamund Lupton with our hardy Readers’ Advisory librarian
  • Our always dedicated IT specialist using up 15 bottles of spray air to clean off pieces of equipment to try to keep the temperature down in the server room because the compressor couldn’t work
  • Me, using my phone to look up the authors of books and then using it as a flashlight to find the books in the dark Teen Alley section
  • The enormous windows on the third floor that could have been letting in a lot more light, except for the shades that run on electricity
  • People, continuing to come through the front door and using the library despite there being a Stanley Cup-winning Blackhawks game on television, thunderstorms outside, and a very dim Library inside. People really do love the library.
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