More creative bookmark slogans from the kids!

Every year, my library holds a bookmark contest where the winner from each grade gets their bookmark professionally printed and distributed during National Library Week. We always get several hundred entries, and it’s a challenge to judge them. This year, the bookmarks will feature the single most beautiful entry ever (we are ordering extras of that one!) and all of the winners will get to come to the library to meet picture book artist Terri Murphy, and to receive their ribbon.

So it is a big deal, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get a few laughs out of judging the many entries. The kids know the bookmarks must feature reading or libraries in some way, and here were some of their slogans:

For those of you who need encouragement, we have the bookmark that said, “Reading Is Not Hard!”

In the best back-handed compliment of the year category, we had “You could even have fun reading,” which showed children going down a water slide reading books.

We had one that showed a hand holding a Wii remote, but instead of buttons it had the word “READ” on it–very cool, and very well-executed. We also had something a little more assertive: “Drop the Gadgets and Read!”

For those of you who believe that a love of reading leads to great spelling we had, “I love reating books!”

Two bookmarks were almost identical. They each showed a goldfish in a bowl, with the words “Out of My Mind”. This would seem very enigmatic to most people, but children’s book people will recognize that each child read Sharon M. Draper’s book, Out of My Mind, about a girl with cerebral palsy. Kids LOVE that book! And I loved that they made their bookmarks about it.

A couple of slogans related reading to eating. We had “Reading is a piece of pie,” and of course we don’t know if they know that the expression is usually a “piece of cake” or not, but it’s cute anyway.  Another encourages us to “Eat the book with your eyes,” which is a different way of thinking about the process of reading.

I loved the wordplay of “Plop drip drop splashy reading day,” with raindrops running down the bookmark.

But for most unexpected and entertaining, I have to go with this one: “After a long day of conquering the world for the Roman Empire, I just want to sit and read.” That is my kind of soldier.

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2 Responses to More creative bookmark slogans from the kids!

  1. Kate Pierson says:

    Will you show the winning entries after you have your ceremony? I’m intrigued!

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