Vacation reading

One of the ways you can tell for sure that I’m a librarian is that when I go on vacation, one of the high points of the trip for me is unpacking my bag (or two) of books. This year, when I was done I was so pleased to see the two promising stacks that I took a picture of it and posted it on Facebook.

One friend asked me, “Are you ever going to get a Kindle?” I’m sure I will eventually, or some other e-reader. For one thing, if I’m ever going on a vacation where I am getting on a plane and not in my car, bringing an e-reader will seem a lot more appealing than hauling along a sack of books.

And, at the rate that libraries are divesting themselves of books and people purchase e-books instead of print ones, fewer and fewer print books will be available. Already this year I had a little bit of a harder time coming up with a couple of books in series that I have been reading for decades. It makes me wish that at least a few public libraries were answering the question of “What shall we do with all of these books now that people don’t want them as often?” with the thought that they should be pooling their resources and having a joint facility to store them. But I don’t see any signs of that happening.

So this year, I delighted in unpacking my books, the oldest being D.E. Stevenson’s Blow the Wind Southerly and the newest being Kristin Cashore’s Bitterblue, and 8 others that fall somewhere in-between.  And it’s nice to know that someday I will probably feel that same feeling of being rich in books when I look at my e-reader. I already feel that way when I look at the audiobooks lined up on my iTouch. But still…there is nothing like a stack of print books at the beginning of a vacation.

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3 Responses to Vacation reading

  1. Missy says:

    I use my E-reader on trips, but I do miss having the book in my hands. Books are easier to mark up & go back to find key items. I belong to a book discussion group & I think others in that group feel the same.

    Good post, Susan!

  2. Jen Robinson says:

    I feel the same way about books on vacation. I do use my Kindle on trips now (mostly, plus a book or two for takeoff and landing, or in case of technical difficulties). But I miss the fun of seeing someone else on the plane reading a book that I loved, and I miss being able to pass on the book to someone else when I’m finished. But I do love being able to pack 10 books onto the Kindle with no added weight!

    Oh, and I love Blow the Wind Southerly. That’s Charlotte Fairlie, isn’t it? One of my favorites! They’ve released a number of Stevenson’s books on audio, and I can’t resist buying them all.

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