Creative bookmark slogans

Last week, I got to help judge the entries to my library’s annual bookmark contest. I had given it up for a few years after I found myself getting grouchy and cynical after a few too many rainbows, suns with sunglasses, etc. But it had been awhile, and I thought it would be fun to judge again, and it was pretty entertaining.

Of course there were still the rainbows (in my head, I pronounce it “wainbow”) and an awful lot of slogans we have heard too often before: “Readers are leaders.” “Read to succeed.” There were an odd number of entries featuring the funny picture book Shark Vs. Train leading us to strongly suspect that someone read that book out loud to the kids and then used the rest of a class on drawing bookmark entries. But that’s fine. They were cute.

I can’t reveal the winners to you yet–it’s top secret! But there were some amazing entries, more than we could possibly reward even with the runner-up honor entries. (The winners all get reproduced professionally on cardstock and handed out during National Library Week in April. So I can post pix then.

But I did want to share a few of the more amusing entries:

*One just read “Pigman” and indeed had a picture of a man with a pig face. It was a young child, so we don’t think there was a connection to the Paul Zindel book. Someone just liked the idea of a pig man, I guess.

*”Read till You Die” was one ominous-sounding entry, and the next one was

*”Read or a corpse will get you!” complete with picture of a corpse. We think they might have been sitting together. In any case, they made us laugh and laugh.

*Books Are the New Fashion” showed a model wearing a dress made out of books–a pretty cool entry in a grade with a lot of strong entries

*”Read Like You’re On a Dancing Tree” had to be the most poetic of the entries–it’s a lovely thought, though actually I can’t read in a moving car so reading in a dancing tree might be problematic. But still, a lovely thought.

and my favorite, the enthusiastic “Des Planes Is the Best!” Des Plaines is spelled wrong, and we are the Niles Public Library, not our neighbor library to the west, Des Plaines, so that one didn’t win.

You can see these entries and all the rest beginning April 9th, at the Niles (not Des Plaines, Niles) Public Library.

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2 Responses to Creative bookmark slogans

  1. Sara McLaughlin says:

    (Can we offer a consolation prize to the Des Planes entry??) Seriously, what a fabulous idea and equally fabulous entries. Can’t wait to see the winners!

    Sara from Des Plaines…

  2. Stephanie Spetter says:

    Sara was kind enough to share this, and now I can’t stop laughing. I love the idea of encouraging and combining a love of reading with art and wordplay!

    Stephanie (also from Des Plaines)

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