I have a topic that I’ll bet every single person who reads this will relate to: I am overwhelmed. It’s the time of year when the library/book world is buzzing with speculationg. Who will win the Newbery? The Caldecott? The Printz? The Siebert? The Geisel? Everyone is throwing out the names of possible winners, and I feel like I’m in okay shape to speculate on the Caldecott (the picture book award) and on the Printz (best YA book) but still…there are very many books I haven’t read yet, especially at the Newbery level (for the writer of the “most distinguished” children’s book).  I’m already reading the 2012 books for reviews, but I barely made a dent in what came out in 2011.

Meanwhile, I’ve let my adult reading slip almost completely, and that’s not good.  I reassure myself that some of the best writing coming out these days is YA, and that’s a lot of what I read, but I know I’m missing out on too much.

And then, there’s everything else. While watching the Golden Globes for awhile the other night, it immediately became clear that in addition to being behind on my children’s reading and my adult reading, I’m way behind on movies, and television. I try to keep my eye out for the best new shows, but even if you spend a little time watching television every day, you can’t begin to make a dent in all of the good stuff that’s out there–not the worst problem, I suppose. I don’t know the celebrities, and I don’t keep up on music as much as I’d like either. It is beginning to make me feel like a dinosaur.

I can blame myself for some of it–I certainly could read more if I went on Facebook less. But I don’t think that’s the real problem. I think the quantity of books, movies, TV, drama, and movies has become overwhelming, especially when you put it together with the fun new games, the great writing in blogs, the online journals, and so on. So I guess if you feel the same way, we will just have to calm down and acknowledge that it’s simply not possible to keep up with it all. It’s just not.

So I’m going to go back to reading the great new John Green book, The Fault in Our Stars, and not worry any more about all of the things I am NOT doing. You should too.

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