Having opinions

This is going to come as a huge shock, but I am a person who has opinions. I think I always have had them. I’m pretty sure that back when my mom was mixing up baby oatmeal or baby rice cereal, I was telling her which one was better, in my own baby way.

Now as an adult, I get paid for my opinion when I write my book reviews. I do not get paid for my other opinions, but that is okay too.  The older I get, the more I try to save having an opinion for things that matter to me, instead of every possible small thing that one could consider. So, I could not possibly tell you which member of the Kardashians I like the best, though I do have an opinion about their television shows’ existence. I just don’t care about Kardashians enough to form an opinion otherwise.

I have an opinion about which political candidate I prefer, but I don’t yet have an opinion on every possible candidate, because the other thing that shapes my opinions is information. And the older I get, the less time I can spend on getting enough information to form opinions on things like whether John Huntsman is a great candidate or not since I am extremely unlikely to vote for him anyway. So I have fewer opinions because I can’t form an opinion without knowledge.

Still, I have my opinions. The thing that came as a big shock to me sometime in my late 40s was realizing that many people….MANY people do not voice their opinions. I really didn’t realize that. I figured that most people were like me, and if they felt some way and it mattered to them for some reason, they would voice their opinion. But no, a lot of people will care a lot about something and have a deeply felt opinion, but they are unwilling for one reason or another to voice it. I find that fascinating, and strange.

But I do want to encourage anyone who ever disagrees with me to feel perfectly free to voice that opinion. I like to hear what other people think, and sometimes my opinions end up changing because of it. So, please, speak up! I promise to shut up and listen.


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2 Responses to Having opinions

  1. suewilsey says:

    My opinion is that you are a terrific writer and your blogs always make me think and often make me smile. I agree that many are timid about voicing their opinions, but likely they came from parents who did not allow them to choose their oatmeal as a kid.

  2. Missy says:

    Opinions? I have none. Ha! Ok, I couldn’t type that without laughing. My only wish is that people would speak up respectfully.

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