I just turned in my last assignment for my Buildings course. Coincidentally, I now have time to write my blog again!

It was fun! It turned out to be really interesting to be learning new things, and exploring my library and community in a new way. One of the assignments had me out driving around the district, looking for places where we could (theoretically) build a whole new library. I ended up looking at zoning ordinances and flood plain maps, and thinking about what in a site gets in the way of people using the library–a busy street, a bad turn, a nearby bar, a bleak landscape. Being in the class with students from all over the country and even a couple in other countries helped me realize that my perspective is pretty narrowly the greater Chicagoland area.

I also learned that you have to read the assignment, do the assignment, then check your work to make sure you’ve actually done what was assigned! In one case I was puzzled that I didn’t do as well as I expected, and it took three times of going back and looking at my work to realize what I had done wrong. It was a good learning experience in a Made Me Feel Like an Idiot sort of way.

It also gave me new appreciation for some of the work that other people at the library do. I know a lot about the work of the librarians, but boy did I ever not realize what all goes into keeping a large building clean, safe, comfortable, handicapped accessible, well-lit, and open for all of its advertised hours.

So I signed up for another course. I kind of like this learning thing.

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One Response to Finished!

  1. paul dove lempke says:

    Wait! You’re taking another class?

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