I’m rich!

I don’t want to brag, but I am rich! Not in money exactly, but I have so many books stacked up to take on vacation that I feel like the Warren Buffet of book-wealth right now, and let me tell you, that feels like riches to me.

What I love to do is take so many books with me to our family cabin in Michigan that I have the luxury of choosing which one to read next. Not which one I have to read to review. Not which one I have to read next for an award committee. Not which one I need to read for my department’s Battle of the Books list. Not even which one I should read to feel like I am semi up-to-date in my field, though today I am reading Gary Schmidt’s Okay for Now. No, on vacation I will be choosing from my stack of books which one I want to read next, for me. I’m rich!

On vacation, I have certain books I always take. I always take something by the Scottish writer D.E. Stevenson. She was writing mostly during the 30s, 40s, and 50s, and her books have a very comforting old-fashioned appeal for me. (Sadly, these days I have to really work to ignore the sexism, elitism, and worst of all the racism, but they do capture a particular time and place.) If you only ever read one, read Miss Buncle’s Book, which continues to completely charm me.

I always take at least one mystery–a P.D. James, a Martha Grimes, or lately a lighter Braun “The Cat Who…” book.  For many years, like…6 of them, I had the newest Harry Potter to read out loud to my guys, but no more. A couple of years ago I had the newest Hunger Games to read, which was cool. But what I love the most is having the luxury of time to read what I think of as grown-up books. Presumably most of you reading think of them as just, you know, books.

Most years I ask the readers advisory librarians (Hi Mary and Greta!) for help picking things out, but this year thanks to Good Reads, I already had flagged a long list of things “to read”. I actually sort of missed talking with them but I already had too many!  So I am happily heading off to the cabin with a new Anne Tyler, a book about weeds, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (yes I am behind), A History of Love (ditto), the next Kate Atkinson…I forget what all.  Anyway, lots. More than I can possibly read. And that makes me happy.

By the way, for any burglars who might be ready, we have a very ferocious cat-sitter. So, don’t bother. And if anyone wants to see what I end up reading, you will find it on Good Reads under Susan Dove.

P.S. This doesn’t even include the audiobooks! And then there’s doing logic problems, and crosswords, and a jigsaw puzzle, and swimming, and walking, and playing games… Yay, vacation!

P.P.S. I earned this vacation.


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2 Responses to I’m rich!

  1. Kary says:

    I know exactly how you feel! I’m leaving soon on vacation and, while I will also take a few “must read YSD” books, I’m planning on revisiting some of my old favorite authors, a few new ones (thanks to your post), back issues of magazines, etc., etc. My “want to” read list instead of my “have to” read list!

  2. Janice E. Bojda says:

    Yup. That’s mostly when I read my “adult” books, too. And I love to read James or Grimes, but I have a few other mystery writers I read, as well. I almost never read the adult best sellers that “everyone” seems to have read, but me. Every few years I try one, just so I don’t feel so left out, but mostly I find them disappointing after all the hype and they often don’t compare to the best children’s books I’ve read recently, so I haven’t read Dragon Tattoo, either.

    I might have to join Good Reads to hear what you think of Okay for Now. I read an ARC a while back.

    Have a great, relaxing vacation.

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