A present in a book

This summer, I was giving myself the big present of reading grown-up books while on vacation. Most of the time, the only way I can begin to keep up on the books in my field is to read them more or less back-to-back.  But vacation time is when I have the wonderful treat of reading books written not for children or teens, but for adults. So after getting recommendations far and wide, I set off to the cabin with my big bag of books, and amongst them was Jasper Fforde’s The Eyre Affair. Ironically, the copy I checked out was in the library’s YA section, so that took away a little from the feeling of reading an adult book but anyway…

So I’m reading along and inside the book is a little square of paper. I look at it, expecting to see someone’s shopping list or a scribbled note, and instead I see this:

It reads: “You are loved. Don’t ever forget that.”

And on the other side was this:

The other side reads: ” P.S. You’re a totally made of awesome person. I can tell because you’re at a library.  Best wishes from projectforlove@gmail.com”.

I still get kind of choked up when I read it. It’s so clearly the work of a teenager, and I find it deeply touching. I’ve never checked to verify it, but I’m guessing it will somehow trace back to YA author John Green and his brother Hank. I put it back in the book when I returned it, and I hope whoever finds it next gets the wonderful moment of surprise and tenderness that I got. Thank you, whoever you are!

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3 Responses to A present in a book

  1. Robin says:

    I have had a bit of a bad day and this post was just the tonic I needed. So dear.

  2. Shelley Sutherland says:

    Love it! Is there a part 2?

    • sdlempke says:

      No part 2, but the update is that I emailed the address on the note with a link to the blog, and got back an answer Saturday. It thanked me for writing, and ended DFTBA, so that confirms that it was a John & Hank Green-related thing. DFTBA, as all nerdfighters know, stands for Don’t Forget to Be Awesome.

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