New Year’s Resolutions

Most of us make New Year’s Resolutions in January, but it looks to me like parents make New Year’s Resolutions in late August/early September. Their “new year” is the beginning of school.  That’s when we start noticing that the DVDs in the Youth Services section are getting a lot more full. That’s when suddenly we go from having 8-10 Wii games left  to check out, to having 50, stretching out the entire length of the counter where they’re kept. We sometimes catch enough snippets of conversation to know why:

Child: Hey, look! Wii games!

Parent: No way. You aren’t going to have time for those anymore.

Child: But…but…

Parent: You will have too much homework to do. You have to do better in school this year!

Now it’s October, and like most New Year’s resolutions, the parental school year resolutions face away too. The DVD shelves are back to looking a little picked over, and the videogame racks have emptied out too. The Percy Jackson books are all checked out, and the shelvers have stopped complaining about not having enough room in the series paperbacks. All is well, once again.

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