In the past few days I have not just looked at but done something with 3 email accounts, two PBWorks wikis, three blogs (this one, the library’s, and my Youth Services dept’s), the Museum Adventure Pass database, ALA, Midwest Tapes, Ingram, Sirsi Director’s Station, Travelocity, Library Thing, Good Reads, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Groups, the library’s catalog (of course) and SurveyMonkey.  I don’t even know at this point how many usernames and account numbers I am trying to keep track of but it’s ridiculous.

I also find lately that if anyone interrupts me for any reason as I am crossing the room to do something, by the time I have finished talking to them I have completely lost track of what I was crossing the room for.

Could there be a connection? Is all of my available brain space being occupied by moving between these different electronic resources? And is it maybe time for vacation?

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1 Response to Forgetfulness

  1. Nicole Tadgell says:

    Happens to me too often…I say it’s vacation time!

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