A hopeful time of year

This is the hopeful time of year. It’s when Summer Reading is just beginning. Parents and kids appear at the desk excited and eager to sign up for your Summer Reading club. You give them their logs and most of them are practically bouncing for joy. (Of course, you also have the sullen “My mom is making me do this” kids but hey, at least they’re signing up!)

Then you walk by the line at Circulation and you notice the kids who are practically staggering under the stack of books they have picked out–eight or ten potential treasures! Or a child asks you to help them pick out a book, and you get to wander the stacks looking for possibilities and making suggestions. I had a girl on Monday who came up to the desk and said, “I’ve read Alabama Moon and The Million Dollar Shot and I really liked them. What else do you have?” “What did you like about them?” I asked. “They were weird,” she answered. So I got to go around looking for “weird” books, by which I guess she meant exciting and adventurous.

So as tired and crabby as we will eventually get, this is a really fun time of year! And if you’re in the Niles Public Library area, feel free to stop by and check out our game and sign up to “Make a Splash–Read!”

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