Fare thee well, SATA!

I love Something About the Author.  I love all those pretty blue volumes sitting on the shelf.  I love learning about the authors, who are some of my very favorite people.  I love having the perfect resource when a student needs information about an author.

But I didn’t love it enough to keep buying it at $116 a volume for an increasing number of volumes each year.  I didn’t love that they started padding their content to increase their number of volumes.  I didn’t love that they began covering authors who hadn’t even published in the U.S.  And the last straw was the volume where they covered both Jan and Stan Berenstain, with multi-page bibliography for Jan Berenstain which they repeated a few pages later for Stan Berenstain.

The other thing I didn’t love is the same thing every Youth Services librarian doesn’t love.  All those pretty blue volumes are space hogs!  And so, at last, it is fare thee well to the whole 150 volumes. 

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