Learn from my mistakes

You know, when I started this blog, I thought of it as a way to share some of my experiences in 25 years as a children’s librarian.  I sort of forgot how often my experiences could be filed under the category “dumb mistake”.  Here’s another storytime one!

Everyone knows better than to get in front of a storytime group with a book you haven’t read before.  If you ever did, it would likely be a mistake you’d only make once.  But what you might forget is, you have to look at the actual copy of the book that you are going to read in front of a group.  It’s not enough to be familiar with the story–you have to have looked at the book’s physical pages.  Otherwise you end up with:

“Hey, Ms. Susan!!!!  There are scribbles on that book!”  “Oh, no!”  “Somebody scribbled on it?”  “Why did they do that?”

I valiantly continue:  “Leonardo snuck up on the poor, unsuspecting boy.  And the mon…”

“Oh, no!  More scribbling!”  “It’s blue!”  “They scribbled some more?”

“‘Oh yeah?’ replied Leonardo. ‘Then why are you crying?’  ‘My big brother stole my action fig…'”

Collective groan:  “Ohhhhhhhh, noooooo!”

Sorry, Mo Willems.  I feel this may not have been the most effective rendition of Leonardo the Terrible Monster ever.

On the bright side, at storytime the week before, The Hello, Goodbye Window was a huge hit!  So maybe next week will go more smoothly.  One thing is certain:  I will have checked every page of every book I am reading.

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