Drowning in listservs

My listservs are going crazy right now.  Child_lit, CCBC, adbooks, and yalsa-bk have been dropping an amazing number of emails into my box, to the point where I can’t begin to keep up.  What kicked off the frenzy of posts?  The answer to that would be who rather than what:  Sarah Palin.

First came the intense round of discussion on whether or not one should use a listserv with 501(c)3 status to discuss politics.  Once it was officially barred on yalsa-bk, the discussion turned toward how perplexing it was for an organization that dedicates itself to protecting free speech to be telling its listserv members what they can’t discuss.  Then came the dozens of messages beginning “I know we’re not supposed to be discussing this, but…”  Interesting, but yalsa-bk is a busy listserv already.  Those YA librarians have a lot to say about books, programming, teenagers, and most especially about graphic novels.  Add politics on top, and a deluge of email results.

Child_Lit has always come in waves, where one day the only message will be “Is anyone there?” and the next someone will post a provocative comment and the members write back in force.  Ever since the announcement of Sarah Palin, one discussion flows into the next and the number of messages is just tremendous.  Interesting, again, but…I’m drowning!

I salute the moderators of adbooks and CCBC for keeping their discussions focused, though even they have had a hard time reining in some of the discussions.

What do you do when your listservs go crazy?  Delete without reading?  Unsubscribe temporarily?  Or do you just try to keep up with the volume and figure that it’ll die down eventually and you’d better enjoy it while you can?  That’s what I’m doing, but if it keeps up like it’s been the past couple of days, I’m not sure I can continue all the way till November.

Edited to add:  So far today, I have deleted 400 messages!  Sure hope none of those were from my coworkers that got mixed into the listserv tsunami.

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3 Responses to Drowning in listservs

  1. I’m sorry to hear that about Child_lit. I subscribe to it in Digest form, but oh, last year or so, switched my subscription from my work e-mail to my home e-mail address because I couldn’t keep up at work.

    Of course the trouble is I only look at my home e-mail about once a week because I just can’t face any more e-mail by the time I get home.

    It sounds like you subscribe to quite a few more listservs than I do and I can’t keep up with the two I subscribe to.

  2. Susan Dove Lempke says:

    The discussions on Child_Lit the last couple of days have been quite interesting–Ms. vs. Mrs. or Miss, whether the Five Chinese Brothers is offensive, and a very volatile discussion with a young lady who signed up for Child_Lit thinking it was a nice place to shoot the breeze and chatter. Oops!

    The listserv I did finally have to drop was PUBYAC. Great information, but the volume was just more than I could handle. I should probably assign a staff member to monitor it.

  3. Ian says:

    A colleague this week forwarded an article predicting the death of email by 2011. This sort of thing is probably why..!

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