Facebook, YAs, and Adults

So yesterday I finally created a Facebook page.  I held off for a couple of years because it was initially something for students, and I felt like I would be horning in on something that was rightly the turf of my two sons.  But now, everyone has a Facebook page, and with the two of them heading off to college, I wanted to have access to the info they were sharing with everyone else.

But it does bring up the question we struggle with when we try to work with Young Adults, which is How do we reach out to them without intruding on them?  We sit in our meetings or write on our listservs about meeting them on their own turf, but the sad fact is that as soon as a library creates a page on whatever the hottest service is, it by definition is no longer that cool.

I think there are particular librarians who are sensitive and cool enough to be able to try to mix with YAs on their own territory without embarrassing anyone.  But I’m not sure about the rest of us…

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