ALA part 1: I paid for an ARC!

I couldn’t decide what to write about first, but hearing my son’s laughter coming from his room decided the question for me–I have to write about the first time I have ever paid for an Advanced Reader Copy.

Technically, I did not pay for my ARC of John Green’s Paper Towns, due out in October. Technically, I paid for a paperback copy of Looking for Alaska so I could get my free ARC of Paper Towns. But frankly, since I already own Looking for Alaska in hardcover, that makes it a “free” ARC.

I guess I can understand it. Brotherhood 2.0 (the video log between brothers John and Hank Green) generated a huge demand, as is demonstrated by the fact that I didn’t feel I could come home from conference without a copy or the local Nerdfighters might not let me in the house.

But still…they took a risk, making me pay for this. I’d better like this book, because now I’ll be cranky about it if I don’t, instead of just disappointed.

My other big score from ALA: Octavian.jpg
I have some good reading ahead! I love getting ARCs at conference!
Update: Resident 17-year-old says first 58 pages of Paper Towns are “really good”. He’s a sterner critic than I am, so that’s good news!

Update to the update: He slapped Paper Towns down and said, “The Printz”. I’m thinking that means he likes it. A lot.

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