Want to buy a snowflake?

<a href="Robert’s Snow Snowflake Auction
I first became aware of the annual snowflake auction the same year that my dear friend’s nephew Allen was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma. In a sad coincidence, children’s book illustrator Grace Lin’s husband Robert was also diagnosed with this cancer, which tends to strike young men, but Grace took action by recruiting her fellow children’s illustrators to raise money by creating an amazing series of wooden snowflakes, each painted or decorated in the artist’s personal style.

Even during Allen’s fight against Ewing’s, medical developments were moving along quickly, and Allen’s family gained more time with him before he slipped away at age 17; Grace Lin’s husband Robert also slipped away this past August. But the snowflake auction to benefit the Dana Farber Cancer Institute continues in 2007 with a stunning array of wooden snowflakes for us to bid upon. You can see all of the snowflakes here.

Ilene Richard, illustrator of The Teacher with the Alligator Purse and others, contributed her 3D snowflake “Maude” to the auction. Her snowflake isn’t yet on view on the official site, but here is a sneak preview.
Snowflake1.JPG snowflake3.jpg

You can also see her ebullient style at her website. Her artwork is lively and fun with its intense colors and comical exaggeration, but Ilene began creating snowflakes in memory of her father, who also died of cancer, so her mission is a serious one. We hope you will take the time to see the snowflakes and come back in November to start bidding! I will post a link to “Maude” as soon as it is available.

To see the entries featuring other illustrators each day, don’t forget to check the always entertaining children’s literature blog, Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast!

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