A happy dance from Scotland

I know it sounds melodramatic, but Brotherhood 2.0 has changed my life. The year-long video project between Printz Award-winning author John Green and his Eco-Geek brother Hank Green is something my two sons and I have been following with huge enjoyment. On one day, Hank may sing a (usually hilarious) song; John last week read the first chapter of his not-yet-published YA novel aloud. Often they just talk about what’s happening in their lives, how they feel about the current state of the world (and gauge the “WorldSuck level”) and in general celebrate being “nerdfighters”.

On September 11th, the subject of where people were came up, and many of the comments began, “I was in second grade…” so although a wide age range is enjoying their video blog, the YA audience makes up a huge part of it, which is a very cool thing.

I say it has changed my life, but that’s because Brotherhood 2.0 has changed the lives of my sons in a very real way. They are seeing a pair of brothers a lot like themselves talking back and forth, and seeing the way they carry out their adult relationship. John and Hank are modeling how adult siblings can live across the country from each other and remain very close. Right now, my two sons are across the world from each other, because older brother Iain is having a semester abroad at the University of Edinburgh. And my two boys are attempting a once a week exchange of videos, which so far only the older son with the shiny new equipment has managed to keep up with. Would it ever have crossed their minds without Hank and John? I doubt it!

The end of this week’s entry from Iain includes a happy dance at the bottom of Arthur’s Seat, which I’m sure he is planning to submit to Brotherhood 2.0 for their happy dances around the world montage. And let me tell you, few things do a mother who happens to be a Youth Services librarian’s heart more good than seeing her awesome son do a happy dance in Scotland for a project carried out by an awesome YA author and his equally awesome brother! In some ways, the world is actually getting cooler.

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