Summer Reading: One Month Down, One to Go

Awhile back, I promised to show more of our Summer Reading Game, and this gorgeous Saturday afternoon is about the quietest we’ve been since June 4th when the game began. You’ve already seen some pictures of the game being built. This is the first year we have used a wooden frame, and it’s given the foamboard games a lot of stability, which with 1500 kids (and counting) using it, it needs.

Little kids game.

Kids get a turn for every 5 books someone reads to them, and they may play any one of 5 activities such as put the ring around Saturn, or digging for moonrocks. The cut paper illustrations were made by our own Lauren Collen.

The circle is a cutout the children look through. One side is a cute space alien; the other side is a rocketship–the little kids put on an astronaut helmet (if they want) and we hold up a mirror so they can see what they look like.

Next week, I’ll show the big kids game!

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