Of missing buckets and lost penguins

My feet have now (mostly) recovered from ALA, which continued to be great fun. Two funny stories:

A friend who worked at an exhibit discovered that the bucket they were using to collect raffle slips was missing. Awhile later, the bucket mysteriously reappeared. The next day, a grandma stopped by the booth and explained that her granddaughter had suddenly felt sick and…well…you can probably guess the rest. She assured the exhibitors that she washed the bucket out really well in the bathroom. A couple of days later, the exhibitor across the way got around to mentioning that she’d seen a little girl throwing up into the bucket, and commented, “What a good thing you had two buckets!”

The other funny moment was at the Newbery banquet when in the break between dinner and dessert, a few of us went in search of a washroom. We hunted in vain, all drifting off further and further from the banquet hall in different directions, and it struck me that it was just like in the hilarious Youtube video made at Midwinter, narrated as if the librarians were penguins in March of the Penguins. We had become the penguins who get separated from the rest of the flock and are doomed. Happily, we did finally find our way back to the flock in time to hear Susan Patron’s Newbery Award speech as well as seeing her skillful use of the raised eyebrow as devastating punctuation.

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2 Responses to Of missing buckets and lost penguins

  1. Wendy says:

    I think that bucket story is what Mo Willems might call “a cautionary tale.”

  2. Adelaide says:

    or a cautionary pail…………

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