Walking your feet off@your library conference

I’m writing from ALA in Washington, DC. At this point, my fingers are about the only part of me still willing to move!

So far, I have:
~Seen Children’s Poet Laureate Jack Prelutsky from a few feet away–he had the longest line I saw today
~Seen Judy Blume from about 1 foot away, and she looks EXACTLY like Judy Blume
~Seen YA author John Green, who to me these days after several months of watching his video blog Brotherhood 2.0 in which he and his brother Hank correspond seems like a movie star to me (and my 16-year-old and 20-year-old sons as well)
~Managed to pick up and mail back to myself a box of Advanced Reader copies within the first hour of the exhibits opening…now all I need to do is schlep back the ones I picked up after that to the conference to mail them with the ones I’ll get tomorrow!
~Heard an interesting session on word-of-mouth marketing, all about getting the people who already think the library is great to tell other people about it
~Decided on the perfect shoes for walking the exhibit hall. I feel sure that if I had been wearing the Crocs I saw someone else wearing, my feet wouldn’t be so tired right now. Sure they’re ugly…but right now, they sure sound great to me. Good thing I can type without using my feet or you would not be reading this.
~Met an online friend I had never met in person, which I suppose is sort of like meeting a penpal back 50 years ago–very fun to match your online impressions with the living reality!
~Heard David Almond speak in his lovely Northern English accent, which means I will never read his books the same way again
~Was casually introduced to someone a friend/children’s book author was talking to who turned out to be Gregory Maguire…yes, that’s Gregory Maguire, as in the author of Wicked. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!

I loved PLA and look forward to the next one, but there is nothing quite like ALA. At any given time, there are at least 3 sessions I would like to attend whilst walking around the exhibit hall and perhaps putting my feet up and taking a little snooze. And this was just the first day! More later…

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