Do you have time to read grown-up books?

I must confess that my reading lately is almost all limited to children’s and YA books. I read more slowly now, and discussion groups keep highlighting great new books for kids and YAs and somehow, I only find time for grown-up books on vacations. Okay, I’ll admit it: TiVo probably doesn’t help.

But if I were to wear one of those buzz marketing buttons where you invite someone to ask what you’re reading, I could say “Moby Dick,” because that really is what I’m reading. In a convoluted sort of way, it is Roger Sutton’s fault. Roger, editor of the children’s review journal The Horn Book Magazine, posted on his so-wonderful-I-am-jealous blog this entry about a company that markets a text reader where the sentences are broken up into short increments. On the site, they have a demo you can try, so I did, and found myself immediately caught up in, of all things, Moby Dick!

I didn’t find the reader all that helpful, but it did get me started. Since Melville’s masterpiece is in the public domain, you can find the entire humongous novel online, and you know, it is not hard at all to read a chapter a day of anything, even a book you might as an English major have successfully avoided for decades. So, for your enjoyment, here it is: You would be amazed at all of the classics you can find online–everything from Bleak House to the Aeneid.

So now, even with a TiVo filled to the brim, the Summer Reading Game looming on the horizon, and stacks of YA novels and children’s books to read, I can say I’m reading Moby Dick. What are you reading?

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