My unpopular opinions

Maybe it’s just that it’s Friday after a long week, but instead of being perky and positive, I feel like airing a couple of my unpopular opinions. So here goes!

Number 1 and Number 2 on the NYT Best Seller List for Children’s Books are both way too fancy for me: too glittery, too pink, too cluttery, too frilly, too repetitive, and yes, too fancy. Fancy%20Nancy.jpg
Fancy Nancy makes my teeth hurt. Initially it made me laugh, but something about Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy has now turned me against the first book, too. Give me Ramona Quimby’s doll Chevrolet over Nancy’s doll Marabelle Lavinia Chandelier any day.

My second unpopular opinion? Jack Prelutsky is great. (Okay, that’s not unpopular. ) Chris Raschka is wonderful. Put them together and you should have an extraordinary collaboration, right? Yes, except if the subject is sports poems, Good%20sports.gif
because no matter who is writing them, sports poems are all the same. Just pick one of four possibilities:
1. Kid is bad at sports but succeeds this time
2. Kid is great at sports but fails this time
3. Kid is great at sports and succeeds this time
4. Kid is bad at sports and once again fails
Just keep making it different sports, and soon you have a book of not very interesting poetry. It’s a waste of a great collaboration in my unpopular opinion.

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One Response to My unpopular opinions

  1. Ian says:

    Anyone can post a popular opinion; posting an unpopular opinion takes a little something more. I agree on both points by the way.

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