Why kids make better patrons Part 2

Back in October, I listed some of the many ways in which kids make better patrons than adults.

Here are a few more, and feel free to add your own in the comments!

~A (4-year-old) child may suddenly turn to you and announce, “I have decided to change my name to Daphne. I read it in a book and I think it’s a lovely name,” and then proceed to sign her picture D-A-P-H-N-E, even spelling it correctly. Grownups pick a name and stick with it, by and large, for which Circ staffs are no doubt thankful.

~A child will scurry happily around your department looking for poems to write on their Poetry Scavenger Hunt sheet, and will pounce on a poem as if it is treasure. Which, of course, it is!

~Children rejoice in the repetition in a picture book and will begin to say it along with you, “Muncha, muncha, muncha!”

~They will also notice that making the first little monkey who falls off of the bed a boy, and the second one a girl, and the third one a boy “makes a pattern!” and they announce it with great excitement! In my experience, grown-ups just don’t get that excited about patterns.

~Kids treat you like you are A Famous Person if they see you somewhere.

But, to balance things out, I must admit that there are a couple of things that might be better in working with adults.

**You probably never have to match up a receipt for an $.88 sheet of stickers or a $4.63 bag of googly eyes to an entry in a spread sheet like Youth Services Supervisors such as myself get to do periodically. UGH!

**Adults rarely go careening around the library on Heelies.

But you know, on balance, I will still take working with kids every day, despite the googly eyes and Heelies.

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