Getting smarter every day

In a fascinating report on NPR this morning, they talked about a study that showed that kids who believe that they can get smarter do better in school. Kids who think they are at a certain level and that’s what they will be for life start to have deteriorating grades. It doesn’t mean that smarter kids get smarter and dumber kids get dumber–it means that all kids have the potential for getting smarter and if they understand that, they are much more willing to work. It must be satisfying on some level to do a math problem and think “There. Now I am a little smarter than I was before.”

I think this is great information to get out to parents, and potentially a wonderful way to promote using the library during the summer. But the best thing about it is getting the word to kids. If we mention it in our programs, and get excited about them getting a little bit smarter every time they solve a puzzle or do something requiring some thought, it will be another way to make a positive impact in their lives.

Isn’t it exciting to have a job like that? I love being a children’s librarian!

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