July 21, 2007

The seventh and presumably last Harry Potter book will be released July 21, 2007. I can’t decide…am I happy, sad, or annoyed? http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/6320733.stm

Annoyed is because you could hardly come up with a subject less related to our Summer Reading theme this year of Mission Read: To the Library and Beyond! Space and wizards do not make a very comfortable fit, and if we’d known about the release of HP7 it would have been tempting to switch to a more fantasy-based theme. But too much work has gone into Mission Read already, so that spaceship has sailed…er…blasted off.

Sad is of course because it’s the last Harry! Bad things will happen in it, and at the last page the story will be over. That is really sad. I read the first Harry Potter as an advanced reader copy and fell in love back then. And the ending of the last book was so sad that when I was reading it out loud to my family we had to stop for awhile because it’s hard to read and cry at the same time.

But I guess I’ll try to focus on happy. Yippee, a new Harry to look forward to! And also, it will be very interesting to see what Rowling does AFTER Harry. Wonder how many years that will take?

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