Librarians who can't count

Or, My Top Ten–Whoops, Make That Eleven–Favorite Books of 2006

My editor at Reading Today, John Micklos, gently informed me this morning that the Top Ten Favorites list that I whittled down for so long actually has eleven titles on it. How mortifying! How ridiculous! How painful to have to cut another title off that list! Farewell to Uri Shulevitz’s lyrical So Sleepy Story.

It reminds me of another stellar moment in my library career, when back at the Chicago Public Library I wanted to order a popular sex education book, but at the last minute decided that I wanted to order two copies instead of one. That was the bad ol’ days of typed order forms and carbon copies, so I typed the 2 beside the 1, intending to white out the 1. Alas, I forgot, and was shocked and dismayed to see on the next order report that in fact I had purchased 12 copies. Fortunately, the regional library kindly took 10 of them off my hands, but it just goes to show that there is a good reason I am a librarian and not an accountant.

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