Kids are better patrons than adults because….

*Adults never walk carefully along the blue line in the rug;
*Adults never play hopscotch on the two colors of tile by the drinking fountain;
*Kids don’t get irritated with you when you ask them to stop talking in storytime;
*Kids never snap at you that it’s ridiculous that other people have checked out all of the books about the Cherokee before they got there because they paid “all those taxes”;
*Adults never crouch down to play peek-a-boo at the desk;
*Adults never gasp and lunge at the bookshelf and say, “Look! A book about scorpions!”;
*Adults never look at the bunny on one side of the trees at the dept. entrance and then go around to the other side and curl up and pretend to be another bunny;
*Adults never love a book so so so so much that they read it ten times in a row–they also hardly ever hug and kiss books.
*Adults never really look adorable when they dress identically.
*Adults never wear a special pink dress to celebrate their birthday (and again, wouldn’t look adorable).
*Adults are rarely overjoyed by the chance to shake some bells or dance with a scarf.
*When you work with kids, you sometimes have the feeling that you are getting the chance to help shape their lives.

Sure, there are ways in which adults are better patrons than kids, mostly involving keeping their various body fluids to themselves. But really, wouldn’t you much rather work with kids? What are some other ways in which kids make better patrons than adults?

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