Whoops, I forgot to mention

that I was going to be on vacation for two weeks!

Don’t you love the way these days you can travel just about anywhere and go to the public library to check your email? It’s become a universal thing where your patron can temporarily be my patron when they are visiting Niles, and my patron can be yours when they travel. On my vacation, I enjoyed being a patron of the Crawford County Public Library, a nicely designed, full service library for a community of 2,000.

Besides loving the open access for personal reasons, I love it as a librarian because to me, it represents part of the new identity of the public library as a “third place”, somewhere people know they can go to get what they need. As people rely less on the library for information, we’ll need to think in terms of filling their other needs in order to be able to continue offering the services they also need….like the information they can’t find on their own.

Vacation is fun, but it’ll be good to be back at my own library, congratulating kids on finishing the Summer Reading Game, and helping patrons wherever they are from.

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