Something Different Every Day

That is what I love about being a Children’s Librarian! All in one job description you have Reference, Readers’ Advisory, Collection Development, and Programming. In the course of doing those jobs, you might one minute be helping a 60-year-old grandma, a few minutes later assisting a three-year-old, and in the course of a week you probably work with all ages in-between. You go from singing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” with the Babytime crawlers to helping a fifth-grader locate information on cytoplasm to calculating how much money remains in your DVD fund and writing a press release so your program next week will have an audience.

So, even after working at being a Children’s/Youth Services Librarian for 24 years, for me the job remains engaging and invigorating. Yes, it can also be exhausting and some days even irritating, but it’s never boring, because there’s something different every day.

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