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There are people I have worked with over the years who seemed to me to be the definition of hospitable. They will bake dozens of batches of Christmas cookies to give away. They will organize a potluck and make sure … Continue reading

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To support the common good

Like a great many other people this past week, I threw a little money in on a Kickstarter project to bring back Reading Rainbow. It has now far surpassed its $1,000,000 goal and is up to over $3,000,000 with some … Continue reading

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Context and understanding

Almost every day, our dog Mac gets taken for a walk in the park, and aside from someone knocking at the door, it is pretty much the most exciting thing in his life. While on his journey, squirrels are of … Continue reading

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Read or Be Written

Yes, it is time for the annual Bookmark Contest Slogan post, to celebrate National Library Week! Yay! Yay! These were all written by my library’s grade school kids, submitted along with artwork for a bookmark. My favorite slogan is probably … Continue reading

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Not an expert in library marketing but…

I am a children’s librarian and a library administrator, not a library marketing expert. Yet even I can tell you that: On March 30, after a long and brutal winter, on a day in which my neighbor said that if … Continue reading

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The Modern Public Library

When I first started working at my library, it was at a temporary site while the old building was being extensively remodeled. A few months later it opened for a thrilled community. Another nearby library was also under construction using … Continue reading

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Battle of the Books

34 years is a long time. That is how long my library has collaborated with our area schools to run a Battle of the Books competition. 34 years! Last night we celebrated¬† with an awards ceremony for the winning team … Continue reading

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Hey, Al and the 1987 Caldecott Committee

I love second-guessing the children’s book award committees as much as anyone. I used to even be pretty accurate at predicting what would win the Newbery, though the Caldecott has always been more unpredictable.¬† I spent a certain amount of … Continue reading

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Not-Disappearing Print

I want to pass along a couple of interesting pieces that both relate to whether print books will continue to be needed and loved. While I like ebooks and was pleasantly surprised when I had one to review that I … Continue reading

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Where libraries go wrong

Strategic planning is an excellent and necessary thing to carry out in libraries. I am always a fan of stopping and thinking and listening. It’s how you move forward in a thoughtful, well-planned way. Libraries right now have to move … Continue reading

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